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<h2>Player Information</h2>

<b>Name:</b> Seraphita

<b>Personal Journal:</b> N/A

<b>Age:</b> 25

<b>Contact Info:</b> Aim @ yukikamaki1

<b>Other Characters Played:</b> none

<h2>Character Information</h2>


<b>Character Name:</b> Illyasviel Von Einzbern

<b>Character Series:</b> Fate/Stay Night

<b>Character Age:</b> 18-19, though she appears to be about 12..

<b>Character Gender:</b> Female

<b><u>Original Canon/Alternate Universe</b></u> OU

<b>Canon Point:</b> Heaven's Feel route, just after Shirou saves her from Dark Berserker.

<b>Background Link:</b> http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Heaven%27s_Feel_%28route%29


Originally a happy and playful girl during the years in which both of her parents were both still around, over time, as Illya lay alone in the Einzbern castle without friends or family who cared about her, she became a lonely girl who, over time, learned to hide such feelings in favor of a playful and childish persona. During this same period Illya was conditioned by her grandfather, Acht Von Einzbern, to hate her father, Kiritsugu Emiya, for having abandon her after the end of the Fourth Holy Grail War. This was in fact her main motivation for participating in the Fifth Grail War as she sought to seek out and kill her father for leaving her. This desire put something of a sadistic streak into the youngest Einzbern that can be seen in the first portion of the Holy Grail War in which she takes joy having her servant Berserker beat Shirou and his servant ,Saber, half to death while smiling the entire time. This part of her personality is quickly abandon when her servant is devoured by Dark Sakura's shadow leaving her alone and powerless.

Having seen Berserker as a big brother figure of sorts and as the only person who had remotely cared about her since her parents
disappearance, she quickly latches onto Shirou to fill the void. Giving up her hatred of her father and the sadistic streak that went along with it, she begins to exhibit a childish and playful side that seems to be her true self as it is how she behaves around this she likes most, this mostly being Shirou and a few of his friends. By the end of Heaven's Feel Shirou and Illya share a very strong bond to the point that Illya sacrifices herself to save Shirou in the route's last scene.

Despite her usual childish demeanor, which is likely a result of her being treated like a small child for the entirety of her life and her lack of interaction with others, there are rare moments in which she shows a level of maturity far beyond what her physical age would suggest. These moments typically come in moments when it falls upon her to explain the origin of the taint that corrupted the Holy Grail in detail. Coming across as knowledgeable and displaying great understanding of the subject at hand this side of Illya is a far cry from the small girl who energetic young girl Illya normally is. This side of her is also seen in the final scenes of Heaven's Feel as she tells Shirou that as his older sister, being Kiritsugu is her biological sister and Shirou's adoptive father, it's her turn to protect him for once. She then sacrifices her own body to carry out the ritual known as the Heaven's Feel, a type of magecraft known as wishcraft, in order to save Shirou.

Around others Illya tends to be as cheerful and energetic as ever but can also become rather loud and obnoxious when angered. This often scene when Illya is dealing with Taiga, Shirou's legal guardian, whom she often fights over the smallest and silliest of situations including who gets seconds during dinner.


Illya is an incredibly power magus who possess a near unlimited amount of mana due to her her connection to the Holy Grail. In addition she is capable of paralyzing people with a simple gaze due to possessing a form of Mystic Eye.


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